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Neuro Convention


20 - 21 March 2024 | NEC, Birmingham

     CPD Member


Why exhibit?

Full speaking session

Why exhibit?


Here at Neuro Convention, we are dedicated to providing a platform for your business to meet the right healthcare professionals. How do we do this? With great content!

The COVID-19 pandemic has required rapid reorganisation of services at multiple levels. It is essential to treat people who are acutely affected promptly, yet at the same time to maintain the best possible quality of service provision for non-COVID-19 patients presenting during this crisis.

Neuro Convention will be the European hub for change in the neurology sector. We recognise the challenges many companies have faced the last few years and we want to provide a platform to usher in a new era of neuroscience.  

As well as a powerful sales platform, the convention enables you to build exposure, meet key decision makers, showcase innovations, promote your products or services and create a network of new contacts that could change your business forever.

Lead Generation

Receive the guidance and tools needed to boost your profile before, during, and after the event so you will be more visible in your market and more likely to achieve your goals. In 2021, exhibitors received an average of 42 leads at Neuro Convention.



Pipeline Generation

Generate high quality leads amongst our senior decision making audience, to feed your sales team with new opportunities, whilst meeting your marketing KPIs.



Deliver an ROI

In 2021, 77% of visitors who attended Neuro Convention were decision makers or had influence on decisions within their organisation. Meaning you can meet the right audience to meet your ROI targets.




Choose from a range of sponsorship opportunities designed to maximise brand awareness and elevate your profile with professionals and decision makers. Exhibitors who opted for sponsorship in 2021, gathered twice as many leads as exhibitors who didn't opt for sponsorship. 


Brand Awareness

Be recognised and cement your business’ place and prominence within the industry to steal ground from your competitors.


Thought Leadership

Be celebrated as forward-thinking and shape the neurology sector by presenting your insights and innovations that will drive competitive efficiencies across the industry.



If you supply or your business is placed in any of the following industries and would like to be involved with Neuro Convention, receive a copy of the latest floor plan or sales brochure, contact our sales team today on (+44) 020 3433 7558 email or simply click on the button below.

  • Rehabilitation

  • Diagnostics

  • Mental health services

  • Stimulation