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Virtual Administration

Virtual PA secretarial services supporting Independent Therapists and Case Managers.

We are a team of professional, experienced Virtual PAs who provide flexible, reliable and affordable administrative support - leaving you to concentrate on what you do best.

The kind of services we offer include:
- Invoicing
- Dealing with new enquiries
- Formatting reports
- Audio transcription
- Updating patient record management systems e.g. Qunote, WriteUpp, iinsight
- Producing contracts and terms and conditions
- Proof reading high quality, court compliant reports for both experts and case managers

We are very proud to have such a friendly team of Virtual PAs who respond quickly to requests in a confident, kind manner. They bring a calm approach under pressure and use their own initiative when required.

Virtual Administration is about giving reliable support, understanding, structure and guidance, expertise and knowledge, resourceful and practical thinking, enabling us to build trust and create good solid relationships.

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