Exhibiting at the European Neuro Convention

Attainability UK Ltd

Attainability is the UK distributor of the U-Step and LaserCane. These renowned walking aids have helped thousands of people worldwide with Parkinson`s disease regain some independence and are widely used in rehabilitation units. The unique use of laser cueing is helpful in a large proportion of cases where `freezing` is a problem. The U-shaped walker is incredibly supportive and is often recommended for other neurological conditions such as PSP, MSA, Ataxia and MS. The LaserCane is a lightweight adjustable walking stick with a laser cueing system specifically designed for individuals with gait freezing or gait ignition failure. We can offer UK wide demonstrations and free trials of these products (conditions apply). Please call us on 01743 245277 or 07778 435424 for more information or visit our website

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