Ralph Charlwood

Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research

Following a mountain biking accident in 1997 Ralph, then a young Chartered Surveyor, went on to complete his MBA during which he undertook a� secondment to a company that he subsequently joined, and set him on a career change into real estate finance. He later became involved in growing a start-up business which was then sold enabling him to become financially independent. Ralph is a supporter of SMSR's research into tackling key complications of spinal cord injury that can impact on quality of life.

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Living with spinal cord injury unseen complications; role of research

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) results in total or varying degrees of loss of sensation and motor function below the level of injury. However, there are many complex chronic issues that are unseen like bladder and bowel function; spasticity; pressure ulcers and urinary tract infections all affecting a person's quality of life. This seminar gives a personal insight into living with spinal cord injury (Ralph) and how latest research is tackling chronic issues (Derek)


  • Amelia Hursey: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Amelia Hursey
    Parkinson''s UK

    Sharing research opportunities

  • Dinithi O'Gorman: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Dinithi O'Gorman
    Priory Group

    Benefits of Speech and Language Therapy in Neuro Rehabilitation

  • Himanshu Tyagi: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Himanshu Tyagi
    UCL Institute of Neurology

    Role of Brain Stimulation Treatments in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Professor Wagih El Masri: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Professor Wagih El Masri
    Keele University

    Spinal Cord Injuries: Factors that influence Neurological recovery

  • Dr Hilary Gunn: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Dr Hilary Gunn
    University of Plymouth

    Making sense of Systematic reviews in neurorehabilitation