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Neuro Convention


19 - 20 March 2025 | NEC, Birmingham

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2024 Speakers

Full speaking session

Jubilee Okoro

Jubilee Okoro

Senior Occupational Therapist, University Hospital Lewisham

Jubilee Okoro is a Registered Occupational Therapist working in the NHS, an Author, a Transformational Speaker in Rehabilitation Medicine and Personal Development, with a progressive 6 years successful experience of working with individuals living with a disability, families/caregivers and service teams. 

She has gained experience while speaking, and working in several capacities, and organizations that have transformed many lives positively. 

Her professional mission is to promote functional independence, and empower people living with a disability with strategies to reduce anxiety, increase their confidence and thrive in the real world interactions. 

She works with caregivers who are one of the active key players in disability management on equipping them with strategies to prevent burnout, promote emotional wellness and increased productivity in their daily life. 

Jubilee is a Liberator; with her charming smile she radiates light, calmness and ease to everyone that come in contact with her. 

Connect with Jubilee Okoro on LinkedIn to know more about her work and be a part of the community.