Jenny Freeman

University of Plymouth

Jenny Freeman is a Professor in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation within the Faculty of Health and Human Sciences at Plymouth University. She teaches across all levels of undergraduate and post-graduate studies, with a particular focus on neurological rehabilitation and research methods. Her research programme, which is predominately within the field of MS, centres on the development and evaluation of complex rehabilitation interventions; reflecting the priority given by health services to providing evidence based management. A key focus is on the rehabilitation of impaired mobility and balance. Her research is grounded on her longstanding clinical expertise in neurological physiotherapy, for which she has an ongoing NHS clinical commitment.

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Rehabilitation in progressive MS

The multiplicity of symptoms that arise as a result of MS means that the physical, cognitive and psychosocial consequences are often wide ranging, variable and complex. To date rehabilitation remains the mainstay for the management of progressive MS, with few disease modifying treatment options currently available. This talk provides an overview of the evidence base for multi-disciplinary physical rehabilitation intervention, and aims to encourage you think about the application of this evidence to your clinical practice.


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