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Neuro Convention


20 - 21 March 2024 | NEC, Birmingham

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2023 Speakers

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Fredrik Lundqvist

Fredrik Lundqvist


Fredrik Lundqvist is the inventor of the Exopulse Molli suit and Co-founder of Exoneural Network, which is owned by OTTOBOCK since 2021.
The vision to help people with disability due to spastic paresis was born in the end of 2008, when Fredrik discovered a new form of non-invasive neuromodulation, the reduction of spasticity through mild sensoric multisite electric muscle stimulation. In the beginning of 2009 Fredrik came up with the idea of electrodes placed in a body suit and in the beginning of 2013 the first beta-version of the Exopulse Mollii suit reached the market. Exopulse Mollii has since been improved and is now a user-friendly assistive devise suited for people with MS, CP, Stroke and other injuries/diseases in the central nervous system resulting in spasticity. It has also been shown to reduce spasticity related pain.