Dr. D. Michael Franklin

Virtual Haptics, LLC

Dr. D. Michael Franklin holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. His research areas also include Machine Learning, High-Performance Computing, Big Data and Data Science, and Serious Games and Simulations. Dr. Franklin worked for over 25 years in the IT industry helping companies large and small solve their technical issues. He specialized in Solutions Engineering for Fortune 500 companies where he integrated their vision and business plan with their technology and implementation. After over two decades of success running his own consulting firm and helping push the IT industry forward, he returned to his first passion: entrepreneurship. He currently helps build technology companies from the ground up, often taking pioneering research and building a business case for it. He is a sought-after partner for investment firms, start-ups, and researchers.

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Artificial Intelligence-based Mixed Reality Telemedicine for Patient Care and Interaction

The hype is sensational, and the buzzwords are primed, but where is the promise of Mixed Reality (AR/VR/xR)? Is Artificial Intelligence all marketing and sci-fi? We aim to deliver a talk that cuts through the hype and hyperbole to accurately, realistically provide a game plan to realize the tremendous growth potential and force-multiplication available to you. How can xR be used to increase patient interaction, provide remote medical care, and increase patient compliance with therapy? How can AI help me do the work of many while increasing the quality and depth of patient care, client interaction, or education? We can help you understand how to harness these tools to build your business or prepare your practice for the coming digital medical revolution.


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