Shauna Kearney

Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Shauna Kearney is Lead Paediatric Neuropsychologist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She oversees neuropsychological assessments and interventions in a range of specialties, including Inherited Metabolic Disorders (IMDs). Shauna has actively been involved in providing assessments in a number of clinical trials, including IMD’s and acquired brain injury. She has been an active member within the Division of Neuropsychology in previous years and current sits on the Faculty of Paediatric neuropsychology. Shauna is an Honorary lecturer at Birmingham University in the area of Paediatric neuropsychology.

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The neuropsychology of Inherited metabolic disorders

This talk will offer a brief introduction to the role of the neuropsychologist in understanding metabolic disorders. This will be in the context of understanding a link between genotype, brain abnormalities and cognitive/ behavioural phenotypes.


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