Rosanne Tyas

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Rosanne Tyas has worked with a variety of client groups for over 30 years including children and adults with a learning disability, adults with mental health needs and dual diagnosis and adults with a neuro-disability. She is presently Professional Lead for Music Therapy at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. She has completed the Neurologic Music Therapy Fellowship training in addition to music therapy training and modules in clinical supervision, guided imagery with music and therapeutic songwriting. She has written articles, provides lectures for music therapy students and has a private supervision practise.

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Music Therapy has much to offer: An overview of the effects of music therapy across different domains in neuro-disability.

This presentation will outline the benefits of music therapy intervention including enhancing cognition, speech, movement and emotional expression. It will include different methods e.g instrumental improvisation, songwriting, song singing and neurologic music therapy techniques with examples of clinical work.


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