Professor Wagih El Masri

Keele University

Prof W S El Masri FRCS Ed, FRCP currently Hon. Clinical Professor of Spinal Injuries (SI), Keele University has trained between 1971 & 1983 in the Oxford group of hospitals, Guys & Stoke Mandeville hospitals and the USA. Obtained the first accreditation in Spinal Injuries and General Surgery in 1982. Appointed Consultant Surgeon in Spinal Injuries at the Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries in 1983. He provided an ongoing total care and personally treated about 10,000 patients with SI at all stages following injury. He published over 140. He is the author of the Concepts of �Physiological Instability of the Spinal Cord�, �Time related Biomechanical Instability�, �Hypothesis of Micro-instability of the injured spine� and the largest series of Bladder cancer in SCI patients. He is Past President International Spinal Cord Society and Past Chairman British Association of Spinal Cord Injury Specialists. He won many National and International awards.

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Spinal Cord Injuries: Factors that influence Neurological recovery

With Expert management of the Spinal Injury and its effects Neurological recovery following traumatic spinal cord injuries is not uncommon and is predictable in occurrence and extent. The Prognostic indicators of this recovery and the Factors that can prevent its achievement will be discussed


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