Dr Suzanne Balfour-Peers

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Suzanne Balfour-Peers is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in neuropsychological rehabilitation She completed her Doctoral training in Clinical Psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry (2010) and recently obtained the Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology from the University of Glasgow (2018). Dr Balfour-Peers has worked across inpatient and community neuro-rehabilitation services within London and currently works within an acute stroke service at King’s College Hospital. She provides teaching and supervision to trainee clinical psychologist and is involved in supervising MSc students from King’s college London. She has published on mirror-writing in stroke.

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Neuropsychological evaluation and formulation in acute stroke rehabilitation

The seminar will focus on how neuropsychology facilitates rehabilitation in an acute stroke setting. Our approach to neuropsychological evaluation will be described. We will also describe the use of neuropsychological formulation of patients’ difficulties within the multi-disciplinary team and the outcome of this in terms of team understanding of patients’ problems and confidence in working with changes in cognition and/or mood post stroke.


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