Dr Nick Davis

Manchester Metropolitan University

Nick Davis is a psychologist and a neuroscientist, with an interest in the use of brain stimulation to explore and to enhance human performance, and with a particular interest in safe and ethical use of brain stimulation. He has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Birmingham, UK, and has worked at the University of Oxford, and at Bangor and Swansea Universities in the UK.

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Towards precision treatment and enhancement with non-invasive brain stimulation

Non-invasive brain stimulation techniques such as transcranial magnetic or direct current stimulation (TMS, tDCS) offer significant hope for treating neural diseases, and for enhancing cognitive performance in younger and in older people. In this seminar we will look at the claims made for these techniques, and will look at how the techniques may be improved over the coming years, for precision treatment of individual people.


  • Jana Middlebrook: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Jana Middlebrook

    Beyond the realms of possibility? Exploring your patients’ full potential through individually tailored Orthotics and FES.

  • Dr Ines Violante: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Dr Ines Violante
    University of Surrey

    Multimodal brain stimulation in brain injury

  • Jenny Freeman: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Jenny Freeman
    University of Plymouth

    Exercise in MS

  • Ralph Charlwood: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Ralph Charlwood
    Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research

    Living with spinal cord injury – unseen complications; role of research

  • Dr Suzanne Balfour-Peers: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Dr Suzanne Balfour-Peers
    King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    Neuropsychological evaluation and formulation in acute stroke rehabilitation