Matthew's Friends

Matthew’s Friends are a registered charity (since 2004) specialising exclusively in medical ketogenic dietary therapies.

They support patients, families and professionals, by providing information, training, research and grants to develop ketogenic services and support systems for drug resistant (refractory) epilepsy as well as other neurological and metabolic disorders and emerging cancer types.

Matthew’s Friends has a distinguished medical board, chaired by Professor Helen Cross OBE, the Prince of Wales’s Chair of Childhood Epilepsy. They invest in clinical research into Ketogenic therapy and its applications, as well as training and educational programmes. They also provide funding for numerous NHS Ketogenic diet centres, both paediatric and adult, around the UK and Ireland. 2011 saw the registration of Matthew’s Friends New Zealand and 2014 Matthew’s Friends Canada, as well as the organisation being involved with over 20 other countries worldwide in supporting the use of these therapies.

In 2011 they opened their own Ketogenic Therapies Clinic, employing an expert medical team to provide the therapy and train other clinical teams. The clinic is also pioneering these therapies in other applications, specifically brain tumours and is supporting clinical research in these new areas. 2016 saw them launch their ‘Matthew’s Friends KetoCollege’ which is an accredited training programme to educate medical doctors, dietitians and nurses on how to administer and manage ketogenic therapies so as to best serve their patients.

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