British Neuroscience Association

The British Neuroscience Association (BNA) was the first and is the largest UK organisation representing and promoting neuroscience and neuroscientists. Our ~1750 members' interests cover the whole range of neuroscience, from ion channels to whole animal behaviour to real-life applications in the clinic and beyond.

Our Charitable Object is, “To preserve and protect health and advance public education in neurosciences related to health and disease”, which we achieve through a variety of activities.

Chief amongst these is the international ‘Festival of Neuroscience’ which is unique for partnering with other organisations that share interests in the nervous system; at the 2017 Festival we will be working with fourteen societies, including the Association for British Neurologists, the British Psychological Society and MQ. This collaborative event will bring together 1500+ leading neuroscientists and clinicians across different disciplines, cities, professional societies and national boundaries, creating an exceptional forum for stimulating discussion and knowledge exchange across all areas of neuroscience. (See

Newly launched in 2016, the BNA’s journal ‘Brain and Neuroscience Advances’ provides a platform for novel, empirical results that – complementing the wide scope of the organisation - are of interest to a broad spectrum of neuroscientists, whether working in the laboratory, field or clinic. (

The BNA has a key role in supporting students and early career researchers. Critical to the ongoing success and strength of UK neuroscience, the BNA provides subsidised fees, career advice, jobs information, and travel bursaries to our junior members, and - perhaps mostly importantly - opportunities to present their work and be part of a community including more senior neuroscientists with whom they can engage.

Another feature of the BNA is its commitment to take neuroscience beyond the lab and lecture theatre and in to wider society. BNA events have seen thousands of people take part in activities designed both inform and delight people with the science of the brain and nervous system.

The BNA has a collaborative membership embracing academia, industry, and – via Associate Membership – anyone who is interested in neuroscience but not in a professional capacity. We look forward to welcoming you to the BNA.

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