Primary care and Community Neurology Society

The Primary Care and Community Neurology Society is a growing organisation of likeminded healthcare professionals & partnering organisations including companies & charities who share a desire to drive up the standard of services to improve neurology care across primary care & in a community setting.

Our Vision
The P-CNS`s vision is for sustainable provision of consistent and high quality neurological care and education services across primary care, connecting primary care to neurology services, based in the community.

Our Mission
The P-CNS`s mission is to:

- Stimulate and develop connections to strengthen the neurology community
- Support the provision and signposting of high quality education and information services in order to enhance the delivery of care to people with neurological conditions.
- Recognise the patient`s voice and the industry as important partners of the neurology community
- Support improved access to more community-based neurology services,

in order to enhance the delivery and quality of care to people with suspected and confirmed neurological conditions and optimise their quality of life.

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