Dementia Research Group (DRG) - College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University

Directed by Dr Claire Hanley (College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University), the Dementia Research Group (DRG) is composed of staff and PhD students actively engaged in studies designed to improve the lives of older adults. The group investigates lifespan developments in relation to healthy ageing, subjective cognitive decline, mild cognitive impairment, and various aetiologies of dementia. The overarching aims of this research are to better understanding the neural mechanisms underlying observed changes in cognition and behaviour, and to support older adults by developing interventions to prevent the onset of impairment and attenuate related symptoms. A wide range of techniques and methodologies are used to facilitate the multi-disciplinary investigations, in both qualitative (focus-group based studies) and quantitative research; featuring psychophysics, eye-tracking, brain stimulation (tDCS, TMS), electrophysiology (EEG, MEG), and neuroimaging (fMRI, DTI).

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