Education That Separates the European Neuro Convention From The Rest

The European Neuro Convention is just four weeks away! Following on from last weeks topic discussing the speakers and CPD accredited seminars visitors can expect to find at the show. This week, the focus shifts to the incredible masterclasses, workshops and live demos available to provide further education for visitors to take advantage of.

 Alongside the complimentary training, at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham on 26th and 27th March, the European Neuro Convention will offer further training through a selection of masterclasses and workshops, as well as live demos of the cutting edge technology available and the brand new product launches at the event. Masterclasses and workshops must be booked beforehand, so remember to secure your position through the link at the top of the page.

 Run by leading European medical device manufacturer Thuasne, the masterclasses as the European Neuro Convention will be a chance for the consolidation of knowledge from the seminar schedule by giving visitors a chance to learn in a practical environment. The masterclasses will cover a number of topics such as design, the materials used in production, and also the prescription of orthopaedic devices. Having such unprecedented access to training is one of the key reasons for the European Neuro Convention being such an unmissable date for brain and spine experts. Check out the Thuasne Masterclass at here.

 The University of Plymouth workshops will be returning to the European Neuro Convention. Having had success at previous years of the convention, the leading university will look into differing rehabilitation therapies for varying neurological conditions. Workshops will include; Vestibular dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis, headed by Professor Jon Marsden and Self-Management in Neuro- Rehabilitation run by Professor Sarah Demain. This is a unique opportunity to learn from this pioneering institution for free with your ticket, and as well as this, it’s also CPD accredited. The European Neuro Convention is unrivalled in its offering of exceptional learning opportunities for brain and spine specialists.

 The Live Demo Area will be a hub of innovation at the European Neuro Convention. Featuring the latest, industry shaping technology currently improving patient outcomes, visitors will see exactly how this technology works and will get a feel for its capabilities. This will provide further insight into the incredible potential that contemporary technology possesses and will inform and shape visitors requirements when looking into integrating the tech into active clinics. The live demos will include a display of the first autonomous exo-skeleton from Wandercraft and also the Etac Prior multi-functional wheelchair from Etac RB2.

The European Neuro Convention is a remarkable opportunity to explore the cutting edge of technology whilst also gaining CPD accredited education. With a free ticket, visitors will navigate a comprehensive event that offers access to the technology, techniques, and tools currently improving patient outcomes. The European Neuro Convention is the only trade show for brain and spine specialists in Europe.


Masterclasses MUST be booked in advance. Secure your position by clicking on the Masterclass icon at the top of the page.

If you still haven’t registered for your free ticket yet, there is still time. Register now at the top of the page.