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Neuro Convention


19 - 20 March 2025 | NEC, Birmingham

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Neuro Convention 2024 Agenda

Full speaking session


Brain Computer Interface in Neurorehabilitation

21 Mar 2024
Keynote Stage

Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is a sophisticated Assistive Technology, that connects the brain to electrical and electronic devices in the outside world, without relying on the sensory-motor functions of a human being.

The potential benefits of BCI in neuro-disabled patients is enormous eg. individuals with paraplegia or tetraplegia moving muscles; controlling robotics for locomotion; vocalising or writing sentences and controlling factors within their own home environment. The potential use of BCI in Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness (PDOC) subsequent to severe brain injury, could potentially have implications on the very diagnosis, which will have profound legal and moral ramifications.

In this presentation, I shall also allude to the ethical and technical challenges of harnessing BCI technology for rehabilitation care of people with neuro-disability. I shall also briefly share our own experience in trialling the feasibility of using BCI, through Operant Conditioning, in the home environment, to assist in alleviation of intractable Neuropathic pain, a common medical condition seen in clinical practice.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, there is little doubt that BCI technology will become more effective and efficient. Hence, there is a need for clinicians to engage with the scientific community and entrepreneurs to achieve optimal results and support the appropriate pace of development

Mohamed Sakel - East Kent Hospitals University NHS Trust