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Neuro Convention


19 - 20 March 2025 | NEC, Birmingham

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Neuro Convention 2024 Agenda

Full speaking session


Braincare and Living in the Fasting Lane.

21 Mar 2024
Keynote Stage

In this thought-provoking conversation between Dr Neil Bindemann, Exec Director of the Person-Centred Neurosciences Society (P-CNS), and Damon Bowen-Ashwin, Director of the Lifestyle Health Foundation (LHF), they plan to share how their different, but related lifestyle health solutions, lead to very encouraging brain tumour MRI scans at the end of 2023.

Their conversation will focus on some of the rapidly developing braincare research, to highlight why the P-CNS and LHF, is sharing a growing evidence-base to indicated that neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, should be described as a condition that ‘can be’ and very definitely not ‘is’ progressive

Damon Bowen-Ashwin, Lifestyle Health Mentor - ADAPT + FLOW Coaching
Neil Bindemann, Executive Director - Person-Centred Neurosciences Society