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Neuro Convention


20 - 21 March 2024 | NEC, Birmingham

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Neuro Convention 2023 Agenda

Full speaking session


What does it take to train a neuro athlete!

22 Mar 2023
Neuro Keynote Stage

During this hour we will be diving into the key components that lead us to develop a clinic rehabilitation ethos where all neuro patients are trained as athletes.

Nikki and Helen will be sharing their thoughts and clinical experience on how they developed a skill set to train all their neuro clients as neuro athletes.
Nikki will be looking at the key components that led her to decide that her original neuro skill set was woefully inadequate and her journey to up-skill in the areas of functional movement and strength training.
She will then talk about how her new skill set started a fundamental shift in her clinic ethos and how she provided a more progressive style of rehabilitation. This lead to the founding of the Neuro Fit training programme and and the underlying commitment to all of her neuro patients to be treated and worked as neuro athletes.
Helen will practically demonstrate how she has developed aspects of the Neuro Fit programme into class format and more recently how this has translated into the digital world. This practical demo can involve the audience should you wish to join in!

Helen Weaver, Clinical specialist in Neurology - Nikki Penny Stroke and Neurological Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd
Nikki Penny, Clinical specialist in Neurology, Founder of Neuro fit and the Nikki Penny clinic - Nikki Penny Stroke and Neurological Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd