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22 - 23 March 2023 | NEC, Birmingham

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Full speaking session


Assessment of the MyoPro Upper Limb Exoskeleton

06 Jul 2022
Rehabilitation & Diagnostics Theatre

Research shows that robotic rehabilitation can promote brain plasticity, map reorganisation and support functional restoration. Robotic rehabilitation offers the intensity and consistency required in rehabilitation exercises. The exoskeleton market is growing rapidly due the increased demand from the healthcare sector for rehabiltiation and assistive devices.
In this session we present a project funded by Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research to assess the efficiacy of one of the commercially available upper limb exoskeletons. This is the first time this technology is assessed on spinal cord injured patients in the NHS. A health economic study for upper limb exoskeleton for spinal cord injured patients will also be included. The project offers for the first time a unique opportunity to NHS spinal cord ckinicians to have hands-on experience with the technology to evaluate for upper limb rehabilitation.

Heba Lakany, Reader in Robotics and Autonomous System - University of Liverpool


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