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Virtual Haptics

Virtual Haptics
Enhance, Empower, and Enable through AI, Data Science, and Mixed Reality

Enhance: Enhancing the patient / clinician dynamic through a shared environment that provides cutting-edge tools providing meaningful metrics and predictive analytics

You are already a great clinician - you don`t need technology for that. You already care about your patients and want the best, and we agree with you. Our technology allows you to take your desire for patient care to the next level. We do so by providing dual-layered tools. At the higher layer, the patient layer, the patient views the shared activity through their own lens. It provides essential guidance data, repetition counting, and encouragements to keep the exercise going as directed. At the lower layer, the clinician layer, it allows you to enhance what you do by connecting your observations with meaningful, detailed metrics and predictive analytics.


Empower: Empowering clinicians and patients by increasing efficacy and compliance while relieving pain perception.

Our technology opens a virtual door to a place where the latest research in pain neuroscience and the collective skills of experienced clinicians come together to create a fun and beneficial patient rehabilitation experience. Clinicians, you have the opportunity through this framework to communicate specifically about unique diagnoses, modify treatments, and share plans, progress, and relevant data with the patient. Patients, you can modify treatments the way YOU want it, and take rehab into your own hands and on your own schedule.


Enable: Enabling a revolution in patient interaction, analysis, and education.

The medical landscape has been completely reshaped by technology`s progress throughout the recent past, but much of that progress halts where rehabilitation starts. Virtual Haptics saw this disconnect and filled in the gap with technology rich in interaction, analytics, and immersion. The VH framework provides unprecedented interaction through a shared-space virtual environment where clinicians and patients can see individualized data during the same moments whether they are local or remote. Additionally, the framework produces detailed analytics gathered from the latest sensors (from range of motion, force feedback, and vitals to advanced vision systems, inertial measurement units, and appliance add-ons). Finally, it provides a unique and powerful place for patient education by integrating prescriptions, exercises, and treatments with mixed-reality tools for a better understanding and connection with the clinician`s intent.

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