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Prodromus Sp. z o.o.

Prodrobot Automated Gait Trainer is the active medical device designed for the rehabilitation of the lower limbs of patients with gait dysfunctions. Prodrobot has:
- varied therapy adapted to the child's abilities thanks to full and independent
mobility in 6 joints,
- effective child therapy with full gait control thanks to exercises in vertical position,
- many years of use by robot "growing" with the child thanks to independently adjustable orthosis with length and thighs regulation,
- universal device for wide spectrum of children with gait dysfunction, limb deformity and posture defects thanks to 28 individually adjustable fitting points,
- child's safety during exercises thanks to STOP safety manual buttons,
- comfort and safety of the user  thanks to -> control panel with easy-to-use software,
- creating the correct gait pattern at the same time on the neurological and muscular side thanks to implemented gait pattern,
- fast, safe and easy fixing of the child in the robot - up to 5 min thanks to seat assistant.

Now Prodrobots work in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech, China and Saudi Arabia. Our company has partners in many countries all over the world and sales growth keeps going on. Our product is CE and MDD certified in European Union, registered in Ukraine. In a few other countries registration process is in progress.
In 2019 we launched 3 new products, also medical devices.

Our strategy is to find new sales & service partners all over the world and to keep the growth, to launch new products in the future.

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