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OFH Care

OFH Care are UK experts in assessing Mental Capacity for a variety of decisions. With a team of highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals including social workers, psychiatrists, nurses and psychologists across England and Wales, we have the expertise to provide assessments with clients of varying complexity.

At OFH Care, we pay attention to the needs of each client, to ensure that the pace of the assessment is suitable and any required communication aids are used. Our team takes pride in offering a client-centred approach while offering assessments that are comprehensive and meets the legal requirements of the decision being assessed.

We visit the client where it`s suitable for them, so client`s do not have to travel. If a client will prefer to be seen at our base or at their solicitor`s office, for example, we are also happy to do that.

Our range of assessments include:
Capacity to make decisions pertaining to property and financial affairs.
Health and welfare decisions.
COP3 forms (Court of Protection).
Lasting Power of Attorney.
Capacity to make or revoke a Will.
Capacity to litigate.
Capacity to enter into a relationship or marriage.
Capacity to use the internet and Social Media.
Capacity to accept or decline medical treatment.
Capacity to consent to sexual relations.
Case Management services with children and adults.

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