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ROBERT® - a rehabilitation robot, focusing on active and passive mobilization

The trends of a constantly aging population together with increasing obesity rates around the globe, are indicators why physiotherapists have more and more issues linked to their profession. The lifetime prevalence of physiotherapists experiencing work-related injuries accounts to around 90%, which mostly derive from lifting or moving patients, potentially becoming even more difficult with bariatric patients. About 1 out of 6 physiotherapists move their speciality due to musculoskeletal injuries1. With the approaching surplus of elderlies and a shortage of young people in the next years, it will become even harder to fill up the gap for the needed treatment.

Our rehabilitation robot ROBERT® offers the solution for physiotherapists, relieving them from heavy and repetitive lifting and bad working postures. Where classic therapy meets advanced technology effectiveness and efficiency can be enhanced. ROBERT® is able to perform qualitative exercises on patients, whereas the movements are based on the professional`s expertise. In the Active Module ROBERT® measures the maximum and average forces (in kg) a patient exerts during an exercise, which allows the professionals to accurately assess the physical state of patient and easily evaluate the progress. With a great sensor capacity and a focus on security the robot is a quick learner and very user-friendly. An easy set-up and mobility ensure that ROBERT® is simple to use, while it operates on a highly qualitative level, benefiting both patients and professionals.

1 Glover W. (2002), Work-related Strain Injuries in Physiotherapists

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