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Rehub GmbH

Rehago - arm training for the half paralyzed in Virtual Reality.

Every year about 500,000 people are diagnosed with an arm paralysis
(hemiparesis), in Germany alone. That is almost one affected person every minute!

This is accompanied by severe restrictions in everyday life:
the affected people have problems to dress and care for themselves.
They can no longer pursue their hobbies, work and social life as usual.

The most important factor for a successful re-entry into an self-determined life is consistent and intensive training.

However, the limited resources in our healthcare system are not sufficient for an optimal recovery. That leads to desperate patients, frustrated therapists and extraordinary long-term costs for insurances.

Rehago enables millions of half-paralyzed people worldwide to get back to an independent life faster.

Through modern virtual reality games, we offer independent, inexpensive and motivating training and encourage users to regularly push their performance to the limit.

Thanks to the mobility of the system, training can take place in the clinic, in a nursing home or in the comfort of your own home, where users can train independently or accompanied by a therapist.

Rehago - Have fun. Get well.

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