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NeuroChat is a Neuro communication system based on brain-computer interface technology. It creates the ability for network communication for people with speech and movement disorders. This allows patients to type text by the power of thought and communicate in social networks and messengers. The patient concentrates on a letter or a symbol from a keyboard on the screen that they wants to type and "mentally chooses" this object. Then, letter by letter and with the help of our predictive system, the user can type short messages as well as full long sentences. NeuroChat is used by people with conditions including stroke, cerebral palsy, ALS, cerebrovascular disease, multiple sclerosis and other neurotraumas (TBI, spinal trauma, etc.) so that they can communicate with medical personnel, relatives, friends and the whole world.
In addition to online communication, NeuroChat gives an opportunity to use other internet services which have been integrated into the system. Patients can read thematic news feeds (sport, politics, culture, etc.), watch videos and write notes. NeuroChat offers face interface languages and an integrated translator. There are already more then 150 patients using NeuroChat for day-by-day communication.

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