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An EMG biofeedback game for in-home upper limb stroke rehabilitation.

HealingHand.Tech is developing an EMG biofeedback game device with an assessment function for upper limb post-stroke rehabilitation. We are aiming to make rehabilitation a stressless and enjoyable process for stroke survivors with mobile game app on top of the affordable electronic bracelets.

The device is easy to use: after putting on the bracelets, the patient connects it wirelessly to a mobile game on his smartphone and can enjoy a collection of specially designed EMG biofeedback games.

Main characteristics:
- Independent use without any 3rd party assistance;
- All stages of rehabilitation included;
- Gamified and intuitive design with elements of team-play;
- Data monitoring and analysis applicable from the first days after stroke allows analysing performance and assists the therapist in early prognosis.

Benefits for Rehabilitation hospitals/centres/providers and Physical/Occupational therapists:
- increased personalisation of the therapy programme;
- increasing number and duration of sessions per patient without increasing the staff load;
- increased engagement and motivation levels to reduce drop-out rates;
- Direct EMG measurement for early prognosis and performance tracking;

Benefits for patients and family/caregivers:
- start arm rehabilitation immediately after hospitals;
- can be used by the patient without supervision and reduces the time for patient`s care at home;
- the ability to control the volume of rehabilitation activities;

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