Exhibiting at the European Neuro Convention

BioXtreme Ltd.

BioXtreme Rehabilitation Robotics is instilling new dexterity for stroke and other neuro injuries patients.

BioXtreme is a promising and upcoming force in the field of neurotheraphy. Using a patent-protected groundbreaking technology, BioXtreme has developed a robotic system that helps with upper limb motoric rehabilitation for stroke and other neuro injuries. Our product, Dextreme™ does automatic rebuild of motion range and capability through automatic/intuitive learning. Based on unique robotic system that applies Error Enforcement forces, BioXtreme technology helps reprogramming the mind for extreme performance.

This unique and innovative therapeutic method has proven to decrease neuro-rehabilitation period (mostly for stroke patients) with approximately 50%. During the same given time, BioXteme patients achieve better motoric results.

BioXtreme novelty technology enables an adaptive product for each patient's individual rehabilitation scheme, thus resulting in maximum effectivity for patient as well as therapist.

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