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20 - 21 March 2024 | NEC, Birmingham

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2021 Programme

Full speaking session


How to successfully integrate Fesia Grasp into daily clinical practice and upper limb service

16 Sep 2021
Live Demo

Shiva Jamwal, Consultant Occupational Therapist at Expert Rehab will be sharing her recent experience of integrating Fesia Grasp into daily clinical practice.

Shiva will be discussing the recent incorporation of the Fesia Grasp at The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital a leading private neurological and spinal rehabilitation centre. The webinar will focus on the therapists experiences so far on successfully integrated Fesia Grasp in the upper limb and hand rehabilitation programme as a clinical tool and sharing patient outcomes.


  • Fesia Grasp - The latest generation of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) device for hand function rehabilitation. Fesia Grasp generates surface electrical stimulation to trigger flexion and extension of the wrist and fingers in order to regain the function of the individual's hand
  • Upper Limb Impairment and Quality of Life 
  • Neuroplasticity is Dosage and Stimulus Dependant 
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