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20 - 21 March 2024 | NEC, Birmingham

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2021 Programme

Full speaking session


Electrical stimulation of the spinal cord restores motor function after severe spinal cord injury

16 Sep 2021
Brain Stimulation & Mental Health

Recently, electrical spinal cord stimulation has gained increasing attention as a potential therapy to restore function after spinal cord injury (SCI). During this seminar, I will show how biomimetic epidural electrical stimulation (EES) targeting the dorsal roots of lumbosacral spinal segments can immediately restore diverse motor activities such as standing, walking and cycling and boost recovery in participants with severe chronic SCI.


  • Learn about a novel therapy to restore function after spinal cord injury
  • Understand the principle of biomimetic Electrical Epidural Stimulation
  • Learn about some of the latest breakthroughs in spinal cord injury research