Richard Welch and Helen Adams

Remotion Ltd

Richard is the owner and director of Remotion Ltd, the UK distributor of the Mollii Suit.

With over 25 years experience providing and supporting professional medical devices in the UK, Europe, USA and elsewhere. He leads the development of Mollii in the UK.

Helen is an experienced neuro-physiotherapist, previously the Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist at a large rehabilitation hospital.

As Clinical Manager for Remotion Ltd, she now applies this knowledge and experience to the wide variety of patients trying and using the Mollii Suit.

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What could an electrostimulation Suit do for my patient?

Discover how the Mollii Suit’s personalised electrostimulation makes an instant and on-going response for patients with muscle tone and movement disorders. Hear how to select suitable candidates for an individual assessment and how it enhances existing therapy.


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