Prof. Nathan Intrator


Prof. Nathan Intrator is an internationally-renowned scholar in neural computation, machine learning, and pattern recognition.

He is the co-founder of Neurosteer and Professor (on leave) of Computer Science and Neuroscience at Tel-Aviv University.

He studies the signal processing capabilities of sonar animals and develops signal processing methods for BCI, most notably for extensive information extraction from 2 EEG electrodes.

Intrator invented a novel emotional and cognitive activity interpretation system, with previously unattainable detail, enabling disruptive brain monitoring and neurofeedback.

Neurosteer commercializes this technology to provide mobile brain analysis with medical, wellness and gaming applications.

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A pocket-sized brain assessment and neuro feedback device

We introduce a medical device for brain assessment and neurofeedback which can be used for screening and monitoring patients in clinical trials and for intervention optimizing. We demonstrate its relevance to medical applications related to
neurodegenerative disorders and cognitive decline.


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