Nilofar Niazi


Nilofar Niazi is the Founder and CEO of TRAINM.

TRAINM is a Neuro-Rehabilitation clinic which uses a multi-disciplinary approach to deliver measurable, personalized high intensity therapies, combining disciplines, resources and technologies such as: robotics, non-invasive brain stimulation, VR/AR, BCI, 3D cameras and sensor-based technologies, coupled with best-in-class team of doctors and therapists.

TRAINM’s mission is to help children and adults with neurological deficits to achieve measurable recoveries.

Ms. Niazi founded TRAINM in an effort to provide optimal neuro-rehabilitation for her son who has CP.

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Case Study in Use of Technologies and Innovations in NeuroRehabilitation

The presentation will highlight TRAINM’s experience in providing cutting edge technologies as tools for skilled physical therapists in neurorehabilitation.