Marta Castellano

Neuroelectrics Barcelona SLU

Dr. Marta Castellano Palomino obtained her PhD from the University of Osnabrueck in 2014, specializing in Cognitive Sciences and Neuroinformatics. Previously, she obtained an MSc degree on Computational Sciences from Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main (2010) and a BSc on Biotechnology from the Univeristy of Vic
(Barcelona, 2008). She joined Starlab in 2015 as a researcher in applied neurosciences and is currently involved in both project management and research in biomarker discovery. During her career, she conducted several studies in the fields of working memory, visual perception and on the modeling of learning and plasticity, always with a strong emphasis on the usage of machine learning algorithms. Her research yielded to several papers and conference contributions

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Brain monitoring technologies in the clinical and wellness domain

Cost-effective direct measures of brain activity, in combination with advanced signal processing and machine learning techniques, provide an ideal tool for the quantification of treatment results reported in a format tailored to each user. Can non-invasive brain monitoring technologies one day be used for to measure brain health?