Karen Saunders

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

Karen Saunders is a clinically practising neuro-physiotherapist, who also works as a Consultant Research Fellow for East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.
Karen has over 20 years clinical experience of working with people who have neurological conditions to enable them to achieve their optimal rehabilitation potential. Karen has presented her own clinical patient case studies at World Congress meetings in Chile, Argentina, India and Paris.
Alongside of clinical practice, Karen works on a range of clinical research projects and is Co-investigator for the robotic balance trial for people with MS, supporting Dr Mohamed Sakel. She was recently interviewed by BBC SE TV and This Morning Show (ITV) about the trial.
Karen is an active Committee member for R & I and Kent Brain Injury Forum Charity.
She is qualified in Qualitative Research (Oxford University) and has received awards for Clinical Leadership (NHS England) and Research & Innovation (EKHUFT).


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Clinical trials using Robotics for mobility rehabilitation

As Co-Investigator of these trials, Karen will present and discuss postural alignment and abdominal

muscle strengthening aspects, with reference to the balance intervention program used in the trial. Qualitative research data on the experiences of participants will also be presented and discussed.


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