Dr. Tristan Bekinschtein

University of Cambridge

Tristan Bekinschtein is a biologist, Master in Neurophysiology and PhD in Neuroscience and Neurology, from the University of Buenos Aires. He has been an EU Marie Curie Fellow (2008-2010) and Independent researcher at the MRC-Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (MRC-CBU 2011-2014), Cambridge, and a Fyssen fellow at ICM(2007), Paris. He has also been an Invited Researcher at QBI (2014), Australia, He as regular researcher and invited professor at INECO (2007-2019), Argentina and Universidad Adolfo Ibanez (2010-2019), Chile. In 2011 he founded the Consciousness and Cognition Lab when he received his Young Research Grant (Wellcome Trust 2011-2017) at the MRC-CBU and moved to the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge to take a research Lectureship in Cognitive Neuroscience. He is Wellcome Trust Fellow and recently Alan Turing Institute Fellow.

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Translating brain maps into clinical tools: lessons from consciousness, pain and attention

Behaviour and brain signals help in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of medical disorders in modern medicine. How do we use the new tools, machine learning algorithms, brain dynamics, continuous testing, mobile tech and personalised medicine, in the clinic, in the hospital and with the patient? We hope to give some guidance and show some examples that capture some of the uses of the news tools to increase precision in the medical practice.


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