Dr Terry Gorst

University of Plymouth

Associate Lecturer, University of Plymouth, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, Stroke and Parkinson’s modules. As a neurological physiotherapist Terry continue to have a clinical commitment which involves the development of the neurology physiotherapy outpatient service, NDHT and the treatment and management of a varied caseload of patients with neurological conditions. He has worked in adult neurology and neurorehabilitation since 2010.

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‘To sense is to move’: the sensory aspects of movement in Parkinson’s disease and stroke

Somatosensory information plays a key role in human movement and motor control. This session will discuss the neural correlates which underpin the perception of touch and movement sensation, how this information informs movement and balance, and highlight the wider considerations for clinical practice.


  • Professor Gus A Baker: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Professor Gus A Baker
    Tribune Neuropsychology Services, University of Liverpool, Walton Centre for Neurology& Neurosurgery

    The additional burden of epilepsy: a psychological and neuropsychological perspective

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    Sarah Vibert
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