Dr Mohamed Sakel, FRCP

East Kent University NHS Hospital

Dr Mohamed Sakel leads the East Kent NeuroRehabilitation Unit at Canterbury as its Director & Consultant Physician. His researches include mobility robotics, neuromodulation, botox in spasticity, leadership. He led service developments, research infrastructures & made numerous presentations in international conferences, TV & in UK Parliament as elected Chairman of Kent Brain Injury Forum, Director R & D of University Hospital, Medical Academic Staff Committee, BMA. He holds honorary Senior Research Fellow in Electronic Engineering & Senior Lecturer positions in Psychology at the University of Kent. His Robotic research attracted 6 TV interviews including This Morning show.



He received national award of 70 most influential leader of NHS, 2018.

Dr Sakel will be assisted by Karen Saunders, Consultant Research Neurophysiotherapist in demonstrating the device and detailed discussion on the therapy aspects.

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Clinical trials using Robotics for mobility rehabilitation

The Principal Investigator will describe the idea underpinning a series of clinical trials using Rex robotics as a rehabilitation aid ( cf walking aid) in spinal injury and MS patients in a specialist Neurorehabilitation Unit . Along with clinical data, there will be discussion how to secure support from NIHR, Industry and Charities to conduct clinical trials that aims to pragmatically address financial & other barriers to changing clinical practice.


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