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Dr Liz Iveson is an experienced Consultant Stroke and Elderly Physician specialising in Stroke and Neurorehabilitation and in the care and management of patients with complex longer term Neurological conditions within the community. She works within the NHS and Private sector, and within Secondary care and the Community. This has given her a unique overview of the challenges in the long term management of patients after Acquired brain injury, the accessibility of ongoing rehabilitation- and why not to ‘give up’.

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From Secondary to Primary care and beyond.. Challenges in the longer term management and rehabilitation following Stroke and Acquired Brain Injury. Wh

Patients and relatives are often told recovery after stroke and ABI plateaus or stops after 12-18 months. The access to ongoing specialist Neurorehabilitation within the community and management of longer term complications such as spasticity, fatigue and pain is challenging and often inadequate. There is increasing evidence that recovery is possible many months post ABI; raising the question who actually plateaus or stops – is it us rather than the patient?


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