Dr Martine Stoffels

Priory Brain Injury Services & Phoenix Mental Health Services

Dr Stoffels is a Consultant Adult, Old Age and rehabilitation Psychiatrist. Dr Stoffels’ qualifications means that she is able to treat conditions across a wide age range. She is also trained in the use of cognitive analytic therapy. She is Medical and Clinical director for Priory Brain Injury Services. She also has a neuropsychiatry outpatient clinic, where she provides r-TMS for people with memory difficulties as well as mood disorders.

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r-TMS in neuropsychiatric conditions.

Does r-TMS benefit people who have neuropsychiatric disorders?
This seminar will provide you with additional insights on what r-TMS treatment involves, conditions which can be treated, and the outcomes of treatment.

Dr Martine Stoffels will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 8 - Tuesday 11.00 - 11.30: r-TMS in neuropsychiatric conditions.


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