Neuromonitoring UK

Neuromonitoring UK is a special interest group principally formed of health service professionals who are involved in Intraoperative neuromonitoring during procedures where neurological structures may be at risk. We aim to promote excellence in neuromonitoring through education and discussion.

Neuromonitoring UK promotes excellence in intraoperative neuromonitoring through education and discussion.

We are a not for profit organisation open to all professionals with an interest in the field of intraoperative neurophysiology.

Our aims are to:
- Promote surgical neuromonitoring within the UK.
- Promote the role of the professional involved in surgical neuromonitoring.
- Encourage and promote excellence in neuromonitoring to support the delivery of best care for patients.
- Organise educational meetings and scientific events with a theme of neuromonitoring.
- Provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas relating to neuromonitoring.
- Provide a source of advice and support for neuromonitoring professionals.
- To work with other professional groups towards the development and advancement of neuromonitoring.

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