Brain Tumor Foundation

About Us
Founded in 1998 by Patrick J. Kelly, M.D., F.A.C.S., Joseph Ransohoff Professor of Neurosurgery at NYU School of Medicine, the Brain Tumor Foundation (BTF) treats the whole patient by addressing their social, financial and emotional needs. BTF maintains a Board of Directors largely consisting of individuals with a personal or family connection to brain tumors and a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of international experts in neurology, neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, medical ethics, psychiatry, radiation therapy and research and development.

Our Mission
The Brain Tumor Foundation (BTF) guides and supports patients and families during the turbulent times following the diagnosis of a brain tumor. BTF educates medical professionals and the public about the need for the early detection of brain tumors while continuing to offer support groups, medical referrals, and cause worthy events.

The Road to Early Detection, an unprecedented initiative of BTF, offers accessible and affordable MRI brain scans. Oftentimes, brain tumors are not diagnosed until symptoms become apparent, and by then, they have already caused significant damage. Screening means early detection and early detection can save lives.

The Foundation’s Christopher M. LaVallee Research Way– an arm of the Early Detection project– was created to analyze the screening data from these scans. The research component of The Road to Early Detection is crucial to providing the demographics of brain tumor clusters which may help determine the causes of these tumors – environmental, genetics or some other still unexamined source. The Foundation’s expertise, compassion and resources ensure that brain tumor patients have a powerful ally in their fight against this disease.

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