Rogue Resolutions

Rogue Resolutions specialises in combining technologies and services for neuroscience. We believe in the importance of developing and maintaining strong links between academia and industry and strive to improve and streamline knowledge transfer between those working in research and those working in the industry.

Our portfolio of services and products includes a range of high standard devices in the fields of:
• Neuromodulation:
TMS, rTMS, cTMS, tDCS, tACS and tRNS
• Neuronavigation:
TMS navigation and TMS Robot
• Neuroimaging:
EEG, fNIRS, analysis software and fMRI compatible devices
• Neurosensory Systems:
Eye-tracking, response devices, stimulus control software, projection systems and tactile stimulation

In collaboration with our technical partners and in conjunction with our research customers, we are able to remain at the cutting edge of research and product development both in techniques and technologies.
We believe that the key to development within our sector is through collaboration and we will continue drive progress through a collaborative and sharing approach.

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