Brain Injury Group

The Brain Injury Group
The Brain Injury Group is a national network of dedicated brain injury lawyers and other experts that provides access to a complete package of care and support for people affected by brain injury, and for their families and carers, a gateway to the best possible support, information and advice across legal, financial and welfare matters. Members of the Group have proven expertise in dealing with people affected by brain injury and appreciate their complex needs. They are chosen not only for their experience and skills, but also for their passion and dedication to helping people affected by brain injury

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Our member law firms are particularly adept at managing complex injury claims, and are also happy to advise on a broad range of issues that people affected by brain injury often encounter such as mental capacity, powers of attorney, employment, housing, matrimonial and family matters.

People looking for advice simply complete a brief online questionnaire and one of our member firms will respond to the initial enquiry - usually within two working days. For more information visit

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