Celebrating Women in the Neuro Industry

International Women’s Day should be a day of reflection for everyone around the world. It should be celebrated how far society has come to welcome gender equality thus far, but it also must be identified that there is still far to go, in order to achieve true gender equality.

This is why the Neuro Convention are delighted to support International Women’s Day and its #BalanceForBetter theme. Some of the Neurological industry’s finest female minds will be present at the convention, speaking on matters close to the heart of the industry. By having the best women speakers in the industry at the convention, it will ensure that the best experts from the sector will be sharing their knowledge, ensuring that the education stream at the show will be as benefitting to the visitor as possible.

Dr Yaara Erez, of the University of Cambridge, is a cognitive neuroscientist who is speaking at the convention. Dr Erez’s seminar will discuss her groundbreaking research in cognitive mapping of the brain during awake surgeries for patients with brain tumours. Yaara’s research aims to identify neural activity related to executive function, with the overall aim of achieving a high quality of life following surgery. You can attend Dr Yaara Erez’s seminar in Theatre 6 on Wednesday at the Neuro Convention.

Dr Martine Stoffels, a Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Brain Injury Services and Phoenix Mental Health Services is also leading a seminar at the Neuro Convention. Dr Stoffels’ seminar will be on the application of r-TMS in neuropsychiatric conditions and whether it will benefit the people with neuropsychiatric disorders. Her seminar will also provide you with additional insights on what r-TMS treatment involves, conditions which can be treated, and the outcomes of treatment. You can view Dr Martine Stoffel’s seminar in Theatre 8 on Tuesday.

Dr Erez and Dr Stoffels are just two of the Neuro Convention’s brilliant women speakers, others include Dr Camilla Nord and Ali Gibson. The Neurology industry is constantly changing, with new advancements in technologies and techniques coming every day. So having the most influential speakers from around the sector speaking at the event about their developments in the field, will benefit the visitor the Neuro Convention the most.

The Neuro Convention celebrates International Women’s Day and it’s #BalanceForBetter campaign.

It is held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on the 26th and 27th of March and tickets are free and available from http://www.neuroconvention.com, where you can keep up to date with everything else.