Mental Health Remains Focal Point for Men''s Health

Whilst facing a lot of initial backlash, in 1999 International Men's Day was set for the 19th November. This support comes at a time of great need, as mental health in men remains a real problem for many males living in the world, as well as maintaining the funding against diseases that target men like prostate cancer.

Depression in men is difficult to truly pin down due to the fact that men are inherently less likely to approach places for help. Between 2013 and 2016 it was found only 5.5% of men came forward about their struggles with mental health compared to 10.6% of women. This is a huge issue, and we need to better understand these conditions. This in turn provides effective methods for combating them, making for a healthier environment for men to come forward in. This is why the European Neuro Convention focusses so deeply on this issue, and will continue to provide a platform for professionals to share their breakthroughs against neurological conditions.


Highlighting the work being carried out by professionals in the neuroscience industry will be the European Neuro Convention. With a focus on rehabilitation at the event, there will be a chance to hear the current advancements being made in the treatment of mental illness. There will be novel approaches to these conditions with exhibitors like MagVenture who will be exhibiting their magnetic stimulation machines, which represents the cutting edge in non invasive treatments for depression.

There will be a theatre dedicated to providing an educational stream with a focus on the advancement in treatments for mental illness. Roseanne Tyas from the Royal Hospital of Neuro Disability will be exploring the benefits of music therapy, and how emotionally beneficial it can be for people living of neurological condition. This shows a real investment into alternative and new approaches to treating neurological conditions, reflected in the neighboring Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo events.

The European Neuro Convention will continue to be a unique event for brain and spine experts in Europe, and in 2019 a deep focus on mental health at the event will highlight the novel developments being made in the battle against neurological conditions.


Tickets to the event are free and readily available from the link at the top of the page. Registering will both secure your attendance to the event and also keep you well within the loop as all the remaining announcements come through.

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