European Neuro Convention post show review

European Neuro Convention 2018

The 6th & 7th June saw thousands of medical professionals converge at ExCeL, London for two-days of CPD accredited seminars and networking with the world’s leading organisations and companies. Having recently launched new series of neurology, oncology and medical imaging equipment, Philips were a fantastic sponsor of the event and found they were so successful in pursuing their interests that we are proud to announce we will be continuing our partnership for the European Neuro Convention 2019.

Four theatres dedicated to the latest research in neuro

The European Neuro Convention concentrated on four focus areas; surgical, diagnostics, rehabilitation and brain stimulation. One of the most popular features at the event were the incredible CPD accredited seminars that drew in huge crowds of brain and spine experts. Industry leaders presented on a multitude of different topics and research concentrated on improving patient outcomes.

Each of the four focus areas had their own theatre dedicated to the latest research. In one of the most highly-anticipated seminars of the event, Tamsin Reed from the Wellington Hospital Neurological Rehabilitation Unit presented on the use of technology in neurological rehabilitation and how devices can be integrated into practice to maximise intensity and recovery outcomes. The brain stimulation theatre also proved a popular addition to this year’s event. Each seminar played host to a captivated audience who listened to a variety of different topics such as QEEG based neurofeedback and r-TMS in neurodegenerative diseases. The diagnostic theatre returned for another year and featured a plethora of seminars on neuro-diagnostics including a seminar from Dr Kshitij Mankad of Great Ormond Street Hospital on advanced neuroimaging techniques. In the surgery theatre, visitors gathered for a series of seminars on the latest developments in neuro-surgery including an incredibly popular seminar led by Prof. Wagih S El Masri of Keele University on neurological recovery following traumatic spinal cord injuries.

Rehab expertise from Plymouth University

As part of the CPD accreditation on offer at the European Neuro Convention, the University of Plymouth also ran a free workshop throughout both days. The university’s School of Health Professions has been running since 2013 and offers a range of MSc courses for professionals looking to advance their health care practice. Experts from the university hosted a continuous timetable of seminars and covered a multitude of important topics in rehabilitation, including: rehabilitation of visuomotor control, effects of temperature on walking in people with neurological disorder, rehabilitation of balance and falls in MS and rehabilitation in Parkinson’s disease.

Demonstrations of the latest products in neuro from world-leading companies

The Live Demo Area hosted demonstrations of the latest products in neuro from world-leading companies. Anatomical Concepts demonstrated their Parker Hannifin, an exoskeleton that thanks to powered hip and knee joints and sensor technology allows certain gait impaired individuals to stand up and walk again. MindMaze showcased their virtual reality application which enhances neurorehabilitation through neuroscience, mixed reality and artificial intelligence. Their live demo also explored how virtual reality-based tools have a great potential to meet key needs in neurorehabilitation. Cyclone Mobility also took centre stage with their Rehametrics platform – a virtual physical and cognitive therapy platform that can improve rehabilitation outcomes, reduce costs and increase clinician productivity. Saebo, Newro, Mobility Research UK and Suricog also held live demonstrations of their latest products to a fascinated audience. Whilst virtual reality and rehabilitation proved to be a popular theme in the Live Demo Area, Suricog opted to showcase their diagnostic medical device, EyeBrain, which uses eye-tracking to guide diagnosis for neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Dynamic medical training in complimentary masterclasses

Included in the exceptional CPD accredited education on offer were masterclasses run by innovative companies including Chroma, Anatomical Concepts, DM Orthotics and P-DTR. Chroma are a leading UK provider of specialist Neurologic Arts Therapies service. Their masterclass concentrated on how arts therapies and neurologic music therapy can work within neurological rehabilitation. In another one of the event’s popular masterclasses, DM Orthotics returned to the European Neuro Convention. Each of DM Orthotics’ masterclass sessions fluctuated between three topics; Dynamic Elastomeric Fabric Orthoses in the management of Neurological Conditions, the use of DEFOs in the management of neurological scoliosis and the DMO Medical Flexi-trode® FES system with Dr Rod Lane. Anatomical Concepts hosted a series of different topics in their masterclass whilst P-DTR explored the assessment, diagnosis and practical application of Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex.

European Neuro Convention 2018 Awards

In one of the most highly-anticipated features of the event, the annual European Neuro Convention Awards also took place. This year’s nominees for the Innovation of the Year Award were: Cyclone Mobility, imaginary srl, Neurosteer, NeuronUP, Intelligent Motion, MagVenture, Neurallys and Suricog. Each nominee was given two-minutes to explain to four judges how their product or service can improve patient outcomes and why they deserve to win. The judges, comprised of top level specialists in neuroscience, neuro-rehab, brain stimulation and acquired brain injury, were then given an additional two minutes for any questions they had on the product or service.

Cyclone Mobility were nominated for their ‘Rehametrics’ product, a virtual physical and cognitive therapy platform used to prescribe, monitor and quantify stroke, brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation that can be used regardless of patient or therapist location. imaginary srl’s ‘Rehability’ – a rehabilitation system with games co-designed by patients and monitored by physicians -  was nominated for its ability to be used in the hospital or remotely in stroke, MS and Parkinson’s disease. NeuronUP were nominated for their Neurorehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation platform which offers a large amount of activities on daily living designed by professionals in neurorehabilitation. The platform offers extensive brain training material created to work on memory, attention, gnosis, executive functions, praxis, language, executive functions, social cognition and visuospatial skills. Intelligent Motion were nominated for their rehabilitation robot named ‘Hirob’. Hirob is a horseback-shaped seat that enables unique movement therapy for the improvement of trunk control and stability in patients with neurological deficits. MagVenture were nominated for their range of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation devices which specialize in non-invasive magnetic stimulation systems for depression treatment, clinical examination and research in the areas of neurophysiology, neurology, cognitive neuroscience, rehabilitation and psychiatry. Neurallys deserve a special mention after winning the Outstanding Personal Achievement Award for their ambulatory intracranial pressure monitoring device for shunted patients with hydrocephalus. The equipment transmits pressure data to a smartphone from a connected implant, the data is then memorized on the smartphone and combined with ICP data. However, it was Suricog that took the overall prize after being crowned winners of the Innovation of the Year Award for their EyeBrain product. EyeBrain is an eye-tracking device that assists in the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and whilst it is specifically designed for clinicians the equipment is so accessible that no expertise in eye-tracking is needed.

European Neuro Convention 2019

The European Neuro Convention is due to return to ExCeL, London next year on the 3rd & 4th April, but this time with a twist… Due to the huge success we enjoyed this year, the European Neuro Convention will become a part of Prysm Medical, the UK’s largest medical exhibition, next year. Prysm Medical will consist of the Medical Imaging Convention, European Neuro Convention and the European Oncology Convention. With an extra two areas dedicated to ICU and mental health, one thing is for certain, European Neuro Convention 2019 is not to be missed!