Child Brain Injury Trust: Melissa''s story

“Melissa suffered a severe brain injury and lost the ability to walk and talk. She took her first steps and spoke her first words again at the age of 8.”

“In September 2009 - whilst walking home from school - our daughter Melissa who was 8 at the time was knocked down by a speeding car. Our lives were turned upside down by this horrific accident which saw our daughter fight for her young life...

Melissa has completely changed. Before she was outgoing, very active and a high achiever. She has been left with a severe brain injury which affects every part of her life. Her education, social skills, relationships and sporty way of life have all been affected. She gets tired very easily and the processing speed of her brain is a lot slower which affects her learning.

We have to had to come to terms with the "New Melissa". The old Melissa was taken from us and this loss has been very difficult at times to accept and understand, especially because we had only just started letting her walk to and from school by herself. The anger, frustration, and guilt is just too much at times. But Mellissa will have to deal with the changes for the rest of her life. She struggles every day to understand what has happened and how her brain injury will affect her future.


Although Melissa made fantastic clinical progress, we need ongoing emotional and informative support to enable us to come to terms with what has happened and plan for the future. This is why we turned to the Child Brain Injury Trust.

Barbara and Andy, Melissa’s parents:

The Child Brain Injury Trust has been with us throughout our journey, no matter what we need and when. They are a fantastic organisation who provides help and assistance to Melissa, our family, her school, and they also support her in social activities. For such a small organisation they have played a huge part in Melissa’s ongoing recovery. We are only one of thousands of families throughout the UK who benefit from their long-term support which cannot be found elsewhere.

Without them many of us would simply be left isolated, unsupported and confused.

With so much to cope with Melissa is an outstanding young girl who will try her best in everything she does and this is thanks to the Child Brain Injury Trust. For all of this we must thank you.”